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Sonic Realm

Find out what crazy things Sonic and friends are up to when they NOT busy saving the world. Couples Include: Sonic and Rouge

April 13th, 2006, 9:56 pm

Sonic Realm

Sonic Realm is a comic mainly about Sonic the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat. The site starts out as a series but after issue four I just make them random and funny. Sonic and Rouge are a couple in this comic and if you dont like it then deal with it and go to another comic series.

News about me: Well my life is going pretty smooth for now. Rollerblading to school does get pretty tiring though... Im 15 years old and im a male, I won't tell you my real name by my friends call me Sonouge or Dj Sonic. I promise to you im the Sonic and Rouge couple god. As for my grades in school. I have 7 A's and 1 high B. Pretty good huh? My girlfriend is awesome and nice. Modest as well. Which can be kinda annoying. But at least she'll be safe right? So for the most part being modest rules. But there are times where her modesty kinda slips away >>; . I won't tell you her real name either but she goes by Batgirl or Rouge. Im sorry that I haven't been updating comics lately, i've been REALLY BUSY. and I mean that when I said it... REALLY...BUSY... and lazy when it comes to comics. But i'll try to overcome my laziness and update as much as I can. As for the "mature" comics i've been putting up lately. Thats because me and my girlfriend are having a comic contest. In her comics shes getting revenge on my character (Sonic) through love and in that same way I get my revenge on her character (Rouge). But theres always gunna be the appropriate comics as well so don't worry about that. Im pretty sure your sick and tired of listening to me type. So you can stop reading now. But if your not tired then i'd be glad to continue. As I said earlier, I rollerblade to and from school, which actually isn't that far of a course...but it IS really dangerous...oh well. I can type 135 words for a minute. So yeah I own at that. I DO have wifi for my DS and PSP so if you wanna have a match on a wifi game then let me know. My Sonic and Rouge website should have ways to contact me. . My contact info is SOMEWHERE in there. My birthday is August 25 and I have 1 little brother, 3 big brothers, and 1 big sister. My parents are divorced and I live with my dad and his girlfriend. My dads girlfriend has 1 daughter and 1 son. We all have our own rooms as well (Thank gods). I know Spanish and English, and currently im learning Japanese. Im usually a nice person, but mistreating me or my girlfriend will piss me off royally. So don't mess with us. 'specially not her (my girlfriend). I do have a myspace so feel free to add it. . I have a Sonic plushie and a Rouge plushie, as well as a hedgehog plushie that I do sleep with at im not embarrased to admit it. I hope you enjoy my comics cause it's trully annoying to have to make those. So at least show some respect. The fact that I do have some perverted comic strips should make me put the comic as mature audience...but I won't because only a few of the comics are for mature audiences. If you wanna know where I got the comic name..then listen up. When I first started my comics they sucked horribly, but I named them "the unnamed comic" and asked people for ideas. Then I came across a comic called "Sonic Unreal" and thought "Hey. Thats pretty sweet." I didn't want my comic to have the "Un" part in its name because that'd make it seem like its crappy. So I kept the "Real" part in mind...Then, ironically my friend instant messaged me on Yahoo! Messenger saying "M" over and over again. I called him an idiot. But thats when it hit me. I could add the "M" at the end of "Real" for Sonic REALM! Pretty smart eh? XD. If you want even more information then whats listed here, then just contact me and ask me. Im a nice person so don't be afraid to contact me. And hey chances are im gunna answer your questions. Im probably going to add more to this huge paragraph later on in life. Until then, "Au Reviour" (Farewell) and Happy Reading.


SonicandTailsRock (Guest), October 7th, 2006, 5:46 am

That was cool that Comic was fairly funny. I found myself laughing til I fell out of my chair. Please do more.

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